Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Some Muslims Get It...sort of.

Hat Tip: LGF

It looks as though some Muslims are beginning to voice what most people have known/suggested for years. Good for them.

Response to Freedom House Investigation

February 21, 2005

By Freemuslims.org

Muslim-bashing. That's the accusation many of my fellow Muslims now hurl at the various news outlets for their news stories about a Freedom House investigation that found extremist Islamic literature in some leading American mosques. This name-calling is unfortunate.

Since 1980, the Muslim world has experienced an enormous growth of religious fanaticism and extremism the likes of which Islam has not experienced in its 1,400 years. This movement continues to grow because of the spread of Wahhabi Islam; a sect that used to number no more than one percent of all Muslims, but because of money and technology, has spread to more areas around the world.

(Emphasis mine.)

The problem is, among many, the folks over at freemuslims.org don't admit the whole truth.
Islam has always been full of fanatics bent on world domination with money and technology only now enabling its rapid spread. Those of us who are not Mohammedans are called Crusaders, among other things, because of our response to the invasion of Europe by
Muslim hoards over 1000 years ago. Go ahead, google it.

Muslims should admit that Islam is not a religion, peaceful or otherwise. Islam is a form of government that has many disturbing commonalities with Communism and Germany's Nazi party, which goes a long way in explaining the Liberal's (read Socialists) adoration of Islam.

I don't presume that most Muslims will ever have some great epiphany and actually make Islam into a religion. It would require a total rewrite of everything they hold dear because death and suppression are so integral to Islam that to remove them would cause the total collapse of anything that might be left. Never fear though, a rewrite isn't needed. You see Islam has friends called journalists, tenured college professors and peacenik pacifists who are eagerly rewriting world history to put Islam in the best possible light.

Some of us know better.