Thursday, August 25, 2005

We Must Never Forget!

It's nearing four years since the atrocity of September 11th, 2001. These days we rarely see the horrendous images of that day on network television. Some people in the media don't feel we should be exposed to them, but I strenuously disagree with that mindset. I believe we should keep them ever before us, lest some among us forget what we are fighting for.

Freedom doesn't come without a cost. Our Republic was not established by cowards and/or appeasers, and cowards and/or appeasers will not preserve it. We cannot afford our country to be divided on so important an issue as national security.

Despite what some might believe, it's impossible to support our troops without supporting their mission, so hopefully we can all put aside partisan politics and get behind them 100% so they can successfully complete their mission over in Iraq and come back home to the people who love them. God bless our military AND their families! Below is the link to a 9-11 tribute, for those who choose to view it.