Thursday, March 24, 2005

Terri Schiavo. What Did You Expect?

Anyone who thinks this is the beginning is wrong. It began in earnest during 1960s with the concerted effort of the Communists to sew the seeds of chaos in the young. They urged America’s youth to rebel, to rage against “The Man” and cast aside the “status quo” in favor of free love and the freedom from responsibility. Most people disagreed with the rebellious youth but passed it off as “kids being kids”, blissfully ignorant of the root cause. The end result saw our service men spat on and hated when they returned home. Add to that the fact that these same rebellious children soon became parents. Parents who would not have their children being taught that there is right and wrong and someone else is always to blame for their bad behavior.
Now we see the fruit of apathy’s labor.

In 1973 the proponents of abortion made the argument that killing an unborn child was somehow a right that the child’s mother had. It is, after all, the woman’s body and she can do with it as she pleases, another's life be damned. The SCOTUS, somehow, found that indeed the Constitution did grant such a right and gave us Roe v. Wade. It isn’t that big of a deal the people said. After all, no child could survive outside the womb in the first trimester and there just can’t be that many women who would have an abortion.
Apathy won the day and soon we found ourselves faced with something more heinous.
Doctors now pull children from their mother’s womb feet first, leaving it’s head inside, and then stab a pair of scissors into the base of the child’s skull, insert a tube and suck the brains from a living human being.

Apathy, towards God, life, death, humanity. The latest result of apathy, Terri Schiavo.
Anyone who thinks that Terri Schavo’s death will be the last is wrong, maybe dead wrong.
Common sense will tell you that soon enough the euthanasia of human beings will cause no more concern than that of a family pet. History tells us that long ago, somewhere in Germany, the lives of six million non-viable people were snuffed out. I wonder if anyone knows the number of unborn children who have suffered the same fate since 1973.

The time is now for us to return to the values which we, as a country. were founded on.
WE loved our God, we loved our lives and we loved our liberty. We staked our reputations on honesty because we had the collective an individual integrity to make good on our promises.

We the people should demand those values from the people we choose to lead us. If they don’t meet our expectations we should fire them and hire someone who will. The pressing question is, are there enough of us left who are willing to do what it takes. I believe there is. I will always believe that the people of The United States are willing and able to live up to our calling.
We should not delay long before we join the battle. The number of dead is rapidly rising, and time only serves the Reaper.