Thursday, March 31, 2005

Let It Begin

The chips are down; we have been thoroughly shamed on the world stage.
Our elected representatives have allowed, once and again, a rogue court to defy the constitution. It is times like these that Americans show their metal.

We the people should be outraged at the take over of our government by activist judges and the ACLU. Together these people have forced un-constitutional, non-legislated “laws” down our collective throats and dare us not to like it.
It is time to rid ourselves of this plague.

Let it begin with me, let it begin with you, but by all means let it begin.
We should be calling our representatives everyday. We should be sending them letters and emails, everyday. We should mount a withering campaign of moral outrage that will leave no doubt we mean business. Let these people know that we will hold them responsible if the judiciary is not reined in post haste.

Educate yourselves, know the facts. Never let a lie go unchallenged.
Never allow the press to report their imaginings, demand the facts.
Never have so little regard for your fellow man as to let them wallow in the ignorance that is the “Great Society”.
Educate, rebuff, stand firm or become another victim of despotism.

Never again will we allow the judiciary to kill an innocent person.
Never again will we allow the judiciary to ignore our constitution and make new laws based on the law of other countries. Never again will we allow the judiciary to raise its middle finger in response to our wishes.

This is not the time to mourn; it is the time to act.
Let the cowardly wring their hands and cry, let the true Americans stand up and be counted. Let it begin here. Let it begin with us. If not, there will be no us and it would be exactly what we deserve

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