Thursday, April 28, 2005

An Open Letter To Senator Frist

Dear Senator Frist.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the VOLPAC survey.
It is my sincere hope that the Republicans in Congress will find it useful in their efforts to govern this great country.

Sir, I have filled out the survey as you requested but I must inform you that I will not be sending any monies to VOLPAC or any Republican candidate save for my two home state Senators, Jeff Sessions and Richard Shelby.

You see Senator, in the five years since the President took office I have watched the majority party, which I worked very hard to elect, “drop like a British heavyweight”.
With all due respect Senator, we have had the majority in Congress for some time now which makes it incumbent upon you to accomplish what we the people sent you to do.
You make the rules in the Senate; you certainly do not need the approval of the Democrats to change them.

Senator Frist, until the unconstitutional filibustering of federal judicial nominees is stopped, until the northern and southern borders are secured, until the immigration laws are upheld and illegal immigrants are prosecuted and deported, until temporary tax cuts are made permanent, until the heavy and progressive tax code is done away with, until the outrageous environmental laws are struck down and we can pump oil from ANWR and build refineries to process the oil, until we can explore for, find and extract natural gas from off shore wells, until the ACLU is in fact “defunded” by the American taxpayer and our rights to religious expression and freedom are guarded most jealously, I respectfully decline to support, monetarily or otherwise the Republican party.

In short Senator, I elected conservatives to lead. Until they do I will give my blessings and support to individuals and organizations that do, such The Minute Man Project.
True American patriots, they would be outstanding public servants.

We know they have our best interest at heart.


xxxxx xxxxxxx


President George W. Bush

Senator Jeff Sessions

Senator Richard Shelby