Saturday, July 30, 2005

This White House Is Too Cooperative!

I'm all for civility and congeniality amongst people who have to work together, but depending upon with whom one is dealing, there can be such a thing as being "too nice".

I greatly admire President Bush, and for the most part agree with his agenda, but I will admit that there have been times when dealing with the opposition party where I've felt that his administration lacked the sort of toughness that is necessary to keep these partisan sore-losers in line.

The Democrats have obviously never gotten over the fact that the American people elected this man to the White House, not once, but twice, and they are doing their level best to bully the Bush Administration into making concessions that the Democrats would never even consider making, were the tables reversed. They would never concede even the tiniest little bit of power to Republicans if they were the Majority Party. So I ask, why do the Republicans continue to act as though they have to placate the Minority Party at every turn? It drives me nuts!

Manuel Miranda has written a good article over on that expresses concern over the Bush White House Counsel's release of 75,000 pages of documents dealing with John Roberts work during the Reagan presidency. On the one hand, the records seem to bolster the belief that Roberts is indeed an originalist as far as the U.S. Constitution is concerned, and it goes without saying that this is welcome news for conservatives everywhere.

On the other hand, however, as Mr. Miranda so rightly points out, if the Democrats' past behavior is any indication, releasing these documents will only whet their appetite for more. He fears that having needlessly given them their way in this case will only serve to make them even more determined to acquire privileged documents from when Roberts worked in the Solicitor General's office during the H.W. Bush Administration. And he's right! I don't think there is any doubt that they will pressure the White House Counsel's office to do just that. Give them an inch, and they want the whole yard. You simply cannot be nice to these people!

In any case, we can only hope that the Bush Admistration is willing to throw down the gauntlet here and now, and say "Enough is enough! We're the Majority Party, damn it! You lost, remember? Twice!" And while I'm not holding my breath waiting for them to do that, I am calling and e-mailing the White House demanding that they hang tough for once! Act like you're the Majority! It's an idea whose time has come!